The Perfect Family

Rachael and Jacob are at home with their nine month old baby, Amy. There is a knock on the door and Jacob greets the FLYLINK technicians into the house. Rachael is excited with their arrival. The FLYLINK technicians install a modified crib for Amy. Once complete, the technicians attach a chip behind Amy’s left ear. Jacob leads the FLYLINK technicians out of the house and Rachael looks at her baby, curious how the chip will work out. After downloading the FLYLINK app, Rachael has access to link things such as skills and languages to Amy’s brain. However, Amy must remain in the crib for it to function. The next day, Rachael goes to work. She talks to her coworkers about FLYLINK and how it looks really great. Her boss walks by, signaling that she has to go back to work. Bored and very curious about FLYLINK, she opens the app on her phone. The app asks if she would like to buy an exclusive package which allows her to look at and modify Amy’s dreams. She purchases the package and creates a dream where she is singing a song to Amy. Rachael was so into the app that she didn’t seem to notice how dark it was getting outside. Wrapping things up before clocking out, she receives a notification that Amy disconnected with her crib. Scared for her baby, she quickly gets in her car and speeds back home. Running into the house, she sees Amy in Jacob’s arms in the living room. Rachael takes Amy away from Jacob and puts her back in her crib. Jacob tells Rachael that he knows that she was on the app all day at work. She doesn’t even acknowledge his concern. All she can hear is the monitor on the crib asking “Are you ready to install the newest update? It will take approximately 15 hours”.

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  1. Wow, Chris, wow. I am in awe of this story. I feel both perplexed and slightly distraught after reading this beautiful piece of art. The story was immersive from start to finish, and I cannot wait to see how this picks up next week. Absolutely astonishing, even as I write this comment I am still at a loss for words. Harrowingly beautiful this short story was. Terrifying, as we continue to lose ourselves to technology as you depicted in the story, we are no longer masters of our own will, we are and have become enslaved. Excellent work Chris, excellent.

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