Sixth Blog Post

I have recently bought FIFA 21 and it is somewhat of an upgrade from last years release. Anyways, there is a mode called ‘Pro Clubs’ where you can build your own player and give them certain attributes to fit your expectations. I built my player to resemble me but if you go to any lobby, these players are ridiculously overpowered. Its even worse when you choose to be a CDM and your opponent is a 6’7 99 pace 5 star skill striker with unlimited stamina. Of course, you would never see this kind of player playing in the Santiago Bernabéu or Camp Nou in real life (unless Mbappe moves to Real Madrid or FC Barcelona). We have all seen an invincible, god-like character in movies that portrayed themselves with no flaws and it does not seem farfetched why we would not want to be them either. For soccer players, we desire traits from a range of superstars. Messi’s left foot, Ronaldo’s jumper, Neymar’s skills, Sane’s speed, Lewandoski’s finishing, De Bruyne’s vision, etc.

What if you were given the chance to become the next big soccer player with all those attributes? What if the procedure was that of what is used in ‘Gattaca’ , possessing only the best traits? This would be a dream come true but with a consequence. If you look at every soccer superstar, you can see they lack in other traits. For example, Messi’s height, Neymar’s fragile injury-prone body, Maguire’s defending (Sorry Jessup. If you spend 80 million on a center back, you best believe people expect him to put up VVD stats). If everybody were given the ability to be the best soccer player, what’s the point? There was a famous Nike ad during the 2014 World Cup which showed genetically enhanced soccer players with the good traits of the best soccer players at the time. This led to the game of soccer being ruined and forcing soccer players to retire. I believe this would happen in real life. What makes the game I love special is that it is unpredictable. Nobody is perfect and that is okay. It gives everyone a chance to push to be the best that they can be.

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