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I have recently started to read comic books in my free time. In the first week of classes, I stumbled upon a comic book series DCeased and gave it a look. I was intrigued with the story and the mention of technology. In the book, Darkseid succumbs to the anti-life equation after finding it in Cyborg. Cyborg escapes back to earth and unknowingly spreads the anti-life equation through visual technology (ex. laptop, phone, television, etc.) The anti-life equation turn the people into a zombie-like state. Batman, being the detective that he is, figures out how the anti – life equation is infecting the population. What was interesting in Batman’s part of the book is when he asked BatWave “How many people are already infected?” and the BatWave responds “An estimated 600 million worldwide. At the current exponential rate of internet dissemination, the virus will spread to almost every internet connected device within days. Billions will be infected.” This virus was derived from Cyborg into the digital world, making itself onto our very own devices. The desire and need to use our smartphones and laptops hold such powerful sways in our lives. With the help of the internet and social media, the virus went “viral”. In the book, there are moments where Superman is hovering above the massively infected Time’s Square, Lois Lane is upturning her couch because she heard her phone go off, and Conner and Damian are playing video games instead of doing their homework. If you haven’t noticed the trend yet, it is that we are drawn to these devices that we use daily. We want to see what the world outside – inside our screens- have to offer. What I like about this series is that it is unique compared to any other apocalyptic story. In DCeased, it presents the reliance and usage of technology throughout the world. If 600 million people were infected in under a day, imagine the numbers of infected in a week.

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  1. Hey Chris!

    I just want to open up by saying that I love the blog post. It was more than an entertaining read, and you were able to capture me from start to finish, AND were able to leave me wanting more. So I will for sure be staying tuned for your next post! I myself am quite the lover of the comic book world, so I was more than engaged as you discussed this particular comic book issue. I find it especially interesting how the author named this hypnotic like state and addiction to technology the “anti-life” equation. It personally has me thinking about if there is a possible deeper meaning here. I am personally taking it as an addiction to technology and becoming further and further immersed in a digital world is “anti” to the real world. If that is the case, then this comic speaks VOLUMES to the state of the world, along with my concern of the reality behind the comic. I am definitely noticing the trend as you pointed out. Technology is such a double edged sword, scarily so. As much of a benefit as it is, it really leaves me scratching my head over the reliance and addiction we are gravitating around.

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